Work With Me

  • Navigating being respected by your colleagues & noticed by your bosses.
  • Learning to have confidence in your abilities and opinions, sharing what you think, speaking up in meetings, volunteering for projects.
  • Trying to figure out where you want your life and career to go, wanting to create your life and success with greater intention.
  • Developing the skills, habits, mindset and self awareness that are the foundation on which to build your whole career.
  • Figuring out what you actually enjoy, what you’re good at, how you best operate, being intentional in the skills you’re acquiring, the roles and projects you take on, what is your greater purpose in all of this.
  • Trusting your full self, your instincts and that your full self, quirks and all, is all welcome in the workplace.

My observation, of myself, my girlfriends and my clients, is that the challenge isn’t a lack of skills or ambition, rather that doubt, people pleasing, unworthiness are causing us to hold ourselves back from our own success.

The intention with my one to one coaching is to co-create a tailored experience that’s as much about giving you full permission to follow your instincts as it is about suggesting practical stratgies to address specific workplace challenges. You will gain the methods and mentality to feel fully empowered in the workplace.

Motivation. Momentum. Maintenance.

A three month coaching program so that you stop getting in your own way and unleash the full potential of your skills, experience, creativity and intuition.

You will learn how to live your life ON PURPOSE from a place of positivity and all the reasons you CAN do things rather than living from fear and finding all the reason you can’t.

The program consists of weekly coaching sessions over 12 weeks complemented with voice memo access to me so you’re deeply supported on your empowerment journey.

The Productivity Sessions.

A single 75 minute coaching session to address your greatest productivity challenge so you can quieten the ‘not good enough’ voice in your head and focus on creating intentional success.

What you could use them for –

  • implementing your energy cycle into how you approach your workload
  • approaching your job search with confidence and intention so you can land a role you love
  • creating a productivity system based on your unique tendencies so you work in a way that feels aligned and natural
  • unlocking the mindset and strategies to banish your productivity woes such as procrastination, to-do list overwhelm, always feeling like you’re playing catch up

Each session comes with a questionnaire to get clear on what you want from our time together and is followed up with an email containing three suggested actions plus a recording of our call. Sessions are $77 USD.

Would rather learn something specific, take a self paced course or join a group program? Check out my Courses page for current trainings, email series and upcoming group programs.