The Productivity Program

Everyone is capable of being productive. Some of us just lack the tools and systems to make it happen. The Productivity Program is here to change that.

I know you’re ready to:

  • Finish each day feeling accomplished & aligned
  • Feel in control of your time, like there are more than enough hours in the day to get everything done
  • Spend more time on the things that light you up, energise you and less time on the things that don’t
  • Embrace your natural energy cycles to maximise productivity while managing your energy

You’re ready to show up fully in your life and get more done with less stress!

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But here’s the thing:

  • Your boss is demanding a million things from you all at once and without warning
  • The days disappear into each other and you’re not quite sure where they’re going, giving the sense that your life is passing you by
  • You’ve exhausted every possible productivity and time management strategy and STILL haven’t changed anything. You’ve resigned yourself to the fact your not meant to be a productive, organised, in command person.

I understand! I’ve been here before working all hours of the day. Living for the weekend but being too exhausted to enjoy it once I get there. Reading all the self development books. Hunting for a silver bullet that will magically make everything fall into place. Feeling the pressure fit in everything and constantly feeling like I wasn’t getting enough done. Being ecstatic while I had wonderfully productive days, only to berate myself when I couldn’t maintain it.

It was only when I started to trust my own wisdom, alongside the tactics, that I began to make progress on feeling in charge of my own life.

When I realised that I didn’t have to do anything the same way as everyone else, I could do life MY way, my life opened up. I learnt to value my approach, my contribution to projects, to trust in my own abilities. That lead to me:

  • Quitting a job that asked me to compromise my values
  • Travelling solo through Central America, working at a sea turtle conservation project and attending my first ever yoga retreat
  • Moving to London with no job, nowhere to live and almost no friends with only a faith that it would all work out (which it did!)
  • Getting promotions and payrises without even needing to ask for them or plead my case

Are you ready to have that kind of confidence? To have that level of self belief in your own abilities to get things done that you’ll leap into the unknown and go after the life that you really want?

Imagine feeling like you’re actually living your life to the fullest, spending more and more time on the things that completely light you up.

Imagine knowing your personal priorities and focusing your time and energy into those things while forgetting the rest so you can relax! You are in control of your time.

Imagine actually making progress towards your dreams while being less stressed, less exhausted, less overwhelmed.

Imagine waking up every single day knowing exactly what you are going to get done that day and how each task moves you towards your goals.

Imagine working with yourself natural tendencies instead of against yourself and learning to trust your own intuitive hits.

Imagine trusting yourself and your own abilities and having the confidence to speak up and share what your opinion.

Introducing The Productivity Program…

Hi, I’m Sara and I’m a Productivity Coach for women who want to take back the power in their life. I’m ALL about finding productive systems and ways to build habits that work with who we innately are, not against it. We are all unique and the way we accomplish our dreams needs to reflect this! I help my clients sift through all the noise on what being productive is, to find ease and clarity and more space in their lives. And you can redefine productivity for yourself too!

By the end of this program you will:

  • Know how to structure your days and weeks to follow your natural productive flow
  • Learn your unique habit building formula so you can create any habit you want
  • Be clear on your goals and priorities and have structures in place to systematically working towards them.
  • Have the tools to deal with your common productivity challenges – be it procrastination, finding inspiration – whatver ails you, we will find a solution!
  • Believe you are a productive and organised person capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind too!

What you get:

  • A 75 minute kick off call to dig into where you’re stuck and what you want out of the experience so that we can tailor the twelve week experience to who you are and your desires.
  • 5 x 50 minute coaching calls working through developing your unique productivity system so that you can get more done with less effort and less stress.
  • PLUS you’ll get access to my Voxer voice messaging service for continuous support between sessions and a follow up email to each session with action points and resources to support your journey. 

Are you ready to discover how productive you really are capable of being?

Your investment:

Upfront: $1200 US


Weekly: $97 x 13 weeks

You are productive. By virtue of being human you are productive. Every breath, every heart beat, every step you are producing and creating at great rates every single day.

The Productivity Program is about refining that productivity. About channeling that productivity energy. Getting more done isn’t enough. It’s about accomplishing tasks that move us towards our goals. That help us to create the lives we truly, deeply desire to be living.

There is no one size fits all approach. There is deeply understanding who you are and knowing where you want to go. From those two points, we co create a system of productivity that is unique to you, the feels good and easeful and natural to you. And I support you every step of the way.

If you’re ready to take control of your time, get more done with less effort and fully embrace living your life, your way, then schedule a 30-minute discovery call today!Discovery Call button (2)

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