Productivity Maven

Make Monday Your Favourite Day of the Week

Who here gets the Monday morning dread? You wake up, know you need to get a million things done but don’t know where to start. You drag your feet or switch between half a dozen tasks, underutilising precious time. Sound familiar? Monday’s don’t have to be this way. The secret to making Monday’s your favourite […]

Maven Matters

Maven Matters: Nice as a Superpower

In my day job, I’m a corporate manager. A role typically considered to require a ruthless streak to get to the top. I’m not cutthroat. But becoming an Operations Manager at 27 can be considered successful by many standards. (On a more appropriate standard, I’m happy and stimulated as an Ops Manager, which, to me, […]

Amplify Your Options

Simplify to Amplify

Earlier this week, this video landed in my inbox. It goes straight to my core. Why I’m here. Why I write. Why you’re here reading this. To amplify! Getting simple and focused amplifies your options because you get results. It’s counterintuitive, I know, because choosing to focus on a few things seems like removing options. […]

Independent Explorations

Goals, To-Do Lists, Overwhelm and Scheduling

I don’t know about you but my natural reaction to being overwhelmed is denial. Instead of starting somewhere, anywhere, I start a new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Hands up who knows the feeling of growing panic at a multiplying to do list? And attempts to address it by ignoring it? Yet it simply […]