Confidence Maven

How to Boost Your Confidence to Move Overseas

Any big life change brings with it a level of anxiety and fear. Deciding to move overseas is no different. Leaving everything familiar. Leaving behind your support network. Embracing so many unknowns. It’s only natural that such a big change brings with it buckets of uncertainty. Taking all of that on requires some confidence. The […]

Life Maven

Solo Travel or Group Travel?

I’m a big fan of solo travel. Especially to amplify my options. I’ve easily done more solo travel than group trips. But recently I winged my way to Barcelona and Copenhagen with friends and got to experience the upside of group travel. Side Note: one of those friends I met while traveling solo. The upsides […]

What I Like Wednesday

What I Like Wednesday: Long Haul Flights

I don’t loath flying long haul. There’s a freedom to the lack of expectation. Full permission to eat, sleep (badly) and watch movies for longer than socially acceptable. Complete liberation. No pressure. Zero guilt. The achiever in me relishes the figurative space. I normally fly solo so no one else to consider. No outside communication […]