Confidence Maven

The Most Important Relationship in Your Life

What if you were best friends with yourself? What would life be like? How would you eat? Exercise? What would you spend money on? What treatment would you stop tolerating? How tidy and clean would you keep your space? What would your inner voice sound like? How would you talk to yourself? There’s a freedom […]

Maven Matters

Maven Matters: On Being the Friend You Want to Have

We’ve all heard you get back what you put out in the world right? Have you ever thought about that in the context of friendship? The kind of friend you are might be the biggest indicator of the kind of friends you have. I’ll be the first to admit to wishing my friends included me […]


Candid: Properly Single

I had a mild I’m 27 and single and will be too old to have kids by the time I get married, if I ever get married breakdown yesterday. Nothing special there. Every twenty something girl I know has had some form of this thought pattern: relationships not happening on time with life plan progression.  […]