Amplify Your Options

Simplify to Amplify

Earlier this week, this video landed in my inbox. It goes straight to my core. Why I’m here. Why I write. Why you’re here reading this. To amplify! Getting simple and focused amplifies your options because you get results. It’s counterintuitive, I know, because choosing to focus on a few things seems like removing options. […]

Quote Unquote

Quote Unquote: Amos Tversky

When you are a permissist and the bad thing happens, you live it twice. Once when you worry about it and the second time when it happens. What I LOVE about this quote is the worry comes first not second. That we live the worry in our minds, then live it in the physical reality. […]

Maven Matters

Maven Matters: On Why I Volunteer

I volunteer because I feel immensely lucky to have the life I lead. By the lottery of birth, I’ve never gone hungry (like properly hungry), I’m well educated, can move to the other side of the world, am surrounded by love. Life, in the grand scheme of things, is good to me. So I want […]


Candid: 2016

An uncut, unedited list of lessons and discoveries from 2016. I’m more me than I’ve ever been. Learning to ask for what I want. Taking up space. Practicing these skills in smaller ways so it’s less scary when the big opportunities happen. Costa Rica was a massive turning point creating exponential personal growth. The challenge […]