An Independent Maven

Has life fallen flat?
Are the choices you made at twenty no longer exciting or fulfilling?
Do you feel uninspired by your career direction?
Do you have an idea on what you want to do but afraid to take the next step?

Hi I’m Sara,

THE Career & Productivity Coach for women who are ready to take ownership of their career path.

When we first start making decisions on our careers, we’re only just getting acquainted with ourselves.

We choose whether to study, what to study, which company to join, what skills to develop, based on external factors. What has the most cache, what will make our parents proud, what are our friends doing.

We get five or six years into that journey, building skills, gaining experience and getting to know ourselves better. Until one day it all feels a bit


Being underwhelmed and unfulfilled with life by age 30, right when your life is really getting started didn’t sit right with me.

So I created An Independent Maven to be a space of empowerment.

A space to build our relationships with ourselves, take ownership over our lives and create careers that fit who we are and what inspires us!

Why An Independent Maven?


free from outside control.


an expert or connoisseur.

Being An Independent Maven means being the expert in yourself, true to yourself regardless of outside opinion.

Hi I'm Sara, founder of An Independent Maven. Career and Productivity coach for women in mid to late twenties going through their first big career transition after the self discovery of their 20s.

More about Sara

Growing up I was an awkward kid. By my 20s I looked confident from the outside but I didn’t feel always feel that way.

My career was the area of my life that took the biggest impact from my lack of self belief. The jobs I thought I could and couldn’t get. The bosses I thought I had to tolerate.

Coaching women to deeply KNOW and FEEL the value they bring to a workplace and their life is my passion.

Because if work sucks, then life sucks so it’s so important to me to get women into jobs & careers they love.

My One to One Coaching Program

Designed to support women who are questioning their path, feeling doubt and hesitation about their next steps to take ownership of their career path with confidence, clarity and excitement. Whether you need to reignite the spark in your current role or move into a new industry, this coaching will get you there.

  • Career and productivity coaching to define what the next chapter of your life looks like
  • Build the confidence to take the action to see your goals through
  • Six hour long coaching calls over three months plus email support
  • The exchange for all for all of this is 4 x $375 / $1500 total

Client Love

I remember thinking after my first session… how have I never thought to think about this before? And going back to the basics and finding the little things I love to help figure out why I am stuck.

The biggest change I have got from the coaching series is my change in mindset. The way that I think about things going forward is going to have such a big impact on my career and relationships.

I also want to keep setting goals as I now know how it feels to accomplish a goal and work on myself more. I have already noticed such a massive change in myself and I know that I will keep changing the more I push myself and now that I am more aware.

A Gift For You

Define Your Dream Job

A three part training to get clear on what you want and where you’re going so you can make career decisions with confidence and purpose.

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