Excuse Busting Masterclass

A 60-minute Masterclass plus workbook packed with practical tips on how to break through the common excuses we tell ourselves. By the end of this work, you’ll be running your life instead of your excuses.

All-day long we tell ourselves, I don’t have time…

I can’t afford it…

My partner doesn’t want to…

I don’t know what I want…

What will other people think…

I don’t have the skills…

…and every time we buy into that excuse we live a little smaller. We miss out on something we really wanted to do. We dig into our comfortable, familiar rut a little more and it gets harder and harder to break out of.

I am sick of watching incredible talented women hold back from living their lives full out because of the excuses they feed themselves.

No one else is doing it to them, they are doing it to themselves. They are telling themselves excuses and accepting them as fact.

These epic women miss out. They miss out on:

  • The joy of a dance class because they thought they didn’t have the skills.
  • The new level of self-awareness from a yoga retreat because they didn’t want to go solo.
  • Savouring flavours at a great new restaurant because their partner doesn’t like that cuisine.
  • Going on the trip of a lifetime because they can’t afford it.
  • Breaking through limitations and being supported in up levelling their life because they don’t have the time to work with a coach.
  • Following their heart’s desires over and over and over again.


What if:

  • You could identify when excuses are holding you back and get specific on what excuse you’re telling yourself?
  • You have methods you know work available to you to bust through each and every excuse that comes up?
  • You could bust through an excuse TODAY and take action on something you’ve been hiding from?

Picture what your life would look like if you could catch excuses, shift your thinking and bust through in real time. What would you be doing? Where would you be going? Who would you be hanging out with?

Hold onto that vision, we’re going to make it happen.

What: A 60-minute Masterclass addressing the most common excuses I hear and how to bust through them. Plus a workbook to guide you through the process. By the end of this Masterclass you will have shifted out of your excuses and into taking action.

When: Anytime you please! You have lifetime access to these resources including any future upgrades.

Where: In your inbox! After payment is received you will be sent an email containing all of the materials.

Cost: One-time payment of US$28 for a lifetime of busted excuses.

Why: Because you KNOW you are destined to live a full and fulfilling life and you are SICK TO DEATH of feeling like it passing you by. You are ready to play BIG!

Excuse Busting Masterclass

60 minute Masterclass plus workbook to guide you in busting your excuses so you can live a full and fulfilling life.



So many times in my life people have told me that they can’t believe that I have the courage to do that. That being:

  • Moving to the other side of the world.
  • Travelling to Central America by myself.
  • Quitting my job without another one lined up because working there violated my values.
  • Starting a coaching business while working full time.
  • Even attending gigs, events and classes solo. 

All of these life experiences have taught me so much and many of these lessons are what I share in my coaching. 

In order to accomplish all of these things I have to bust through my own excuses. Doing big things, creating a life with intention doesn’t come without fear. It only appears like it is easier for some people to live big. It is my belief that living small and unsatisfied is the easy way. The harder path is to face the excuses and work through them. 

This Masterclass is grounded in all of the practical experience I have busting through my own excuses and self-imposed limitations so I can live my life in a full and fulfilling way. 

I want YOU to have the same opportunity to live big and it all starts with getting beyond your excuses and to taking action. 



Excuse Busting Masterclass

60 minute Masterclass plus workbook to guide you in busting your excuses so you can live a full and fulfilling life.


No more excuses! Excuses are holding women back from leading their best lives at work and at home. It's time to overcome those excuses with the practical and simple tips shared in this Masterclass.
Are excuses holding you back from living your best life? Have you listened to your excuses for so long that you almost don't realise they're there anymore? It's time to change that with the simple, practical, actionable tips shared in this Masterclass. Learn to overcome your excuses once for all. No more excuses!