Define Your Dream Job

You want to change jobs but you don’t know what you want to change to.

You tell yourself every job has its issues.

You see focusing on what you want as limiting your options so apply for every job that is remotely feasible. 

You’re waiting for your next step to fall from the sky and not willing to put in any energy to create that opportunity.

Here’s what I want women like you to know:

You can’t hit a target you can’t see.

Meaning: you can’t get a better job if you don’t know what better means to you.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what a dream job looks like for YOU.

When you know your dream job you can break the cycle of every job having the same issues.

When you know your dream job you know which opportunities are worth pursuing and which ones to leave behind. No more FOMO!

When you know your dream job you’re clear on your next steps so it’s easy to move forward.

So how do you figure out what you want next in your career?

Introducing Define Your Dream Job!

This self study course gives you exact steps to work through to discover what you’re looking for in your next job. 

It’s a guided process so you can finally know what job you want to change to!

Hi I’m Sara!

When I went from being made redundant to the best job I’d ever had, I knew I was onto something.

Define Your Dream Job is the process I used to escape the funk, get clear on what I wanted and ultimately land a job that ticked every single one of my boxes and then some.

I honestly believe when you get clear on what you want, you spark some magic in the Universe. Synchronicities appear. Opportunities come from nowhere.

Case in point, when I was applying for the best job I’ve ever had, someone at the company had worked with a former colleague. I got an introduction and found out EXACTLY what was being looked for in an applicant. Got the job! 

It all starts with knowing what you want.

Define Your Dream Job is how I got that clarity and now you can too.



  • how to evaluate your current and past work situations so you’re using information you already have as your starting point
  • how to build a vision from the details up so you no longer have to worry about not being a future vision person
  • how to to maintain momentum when bringing your vision to life so you stop worrying about doing everything all at once and overwhelming yourself
  • how to expand your vision over time so you focus on what you know FOR SURE you want now instead of second guessing what you MIGHT want in the future

What you get:

Three video lessons with an accompanying workbook to help you translate what you’re learning into what it means for YOU.

Welcome video explaining what I mean by ‘Dream Job’ to set the scene for the training.

A BONUS hour long workshop on how your career vision needs to, and will, expand over time as you grow, expand, get to know yourself and what you need/want better!

Price: $27 NZD

One final thing…

I know you don’t want to hear this but you need to invest time into defining your dream job. It doesn’t just magically fall out of the sky.

People who are truly successful and fulfilled in their careers spend time thinking about this stuff. They’re constantly reflecting on what’s working, what isn’t and making moves accordingly.

I think that’s worth a few hours of your time.

I want you to have the tools to reflect on your career and determine what you want next. You’ll finally be able to change your job after dreaming about it for two years because you know what you’re changing to.