Career & Productivity Coaching

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Sara – Productivity & Career Coach
  • Career and productivity coaching to define what the next chapter of your life looks like
  • Build the confidence to take the action to see your goals through
  • Six hour long coaching calls over three months plus email support
  • The exchange for all for all of this is 4 x $375 / $1500 total

I want ALL the details!

Do you feel adrift in your own life and you’re not even 30?

Are you….

Past your live for today, partying years but not ready for a mortgage and marriage just yet?

A few years into your chosen career but couldn’t possibly imagine doing it for another forty years?

Tired of thinking, ‘if I just use my time better, I’ll be less stressed/achieving my goals/happier’?

This is about CONFIDENCE.

  • Confidence that you’re awesome at your job
  • Confidence in your ability to smash goals
  • Confidence that you can take scary steps towards your dreams
  • Confidence that your life is yours to create

From there, life simply flows.

  • Your relationships thrive as you’re way more fun to be around and feel safe to express what you want
  • Your mind drama quietens way down. No more lying awake at night stressing over something you did
  • Random opportunities appear. Things come together with ease. There’s always an perfectly placed carpark waiting for you. Yes, really!

Life feels fun. Expansive. Filled with possibility.

Hi I’m Sara, a career and productivity coach supporting women in their twenties navigate career transitions and define the next chapter of their life.

At 29, I was dumped and made redundant in the same week, living in a six week sublet. In London, on the other side of the world, heartbroken, no home and with a visa about to expire. 

Fast forward less than two years, I adore my job, bought a house to create my sanctuary and am a qualified life coach building my dream business.

My story is proof you can go from completely shattered to utterly thriving in a VERY short space of time.

I want that for you!

I’m passionate about helping mid to late twenties women navigate big life changes as they take ownership of who they are and what they want their life to look like.

When I first connected with Sara I had a lot of trouble managing my time and my activity as a young entrepreneur. I wanted to feel more free and find my flow. When I first connected with Sara and she told me about her work and her passion, my heart and soul screamed YES! This coaching allowed me to bring out the person I wanted to be and know I am. Every day I embody a little more the person I want to be and these are subtle changes, but so important and powerful! My thoughts are different, my focus is different, my relationships …I’m closer to my truth than I’ve ever been.


My role as your career and productivity coach is to support you to:

  • Identify the career you feel born to do and find the job that has you excited to get out of bed 
  • Figure out ways of being organised and productive that feel natural and easy to stick with
  • Build your self belief so you’re speaking up in meetings, sharing ideas, being proactive and generally bringing ALL of your capabilities to your job
  • Develop the confidence to make the choices that lead you to your next chapter

Areas My Clients Set Goals In…


Job Search Support

Getting Promoted

Deciding to Retrain

Finding Passion

Navigating Transitions


Time Management


Getting Organised

Cyclical Living



Decision Making

Upholding Boundaries


Building Habits

Here’s how my career and productivity coaching works:

  • We start with a questionnaire and consult to get us connected and explore potential areas of focus for your coaching series
  • The coaching series itself is an hour long coaching call every fortnight for three months (so six calls total) supporting you to achieve goals
  • Access to me via email for ongoing support and encouragement from when you sign your coaching agreement until your final call
  • The exchange for all for all of this is 4 x $375 / $1500 total (price in NZD)

What clients say…

Before working with Sara I was wanting a change in my career but feeling indecisive and scared to make such a drastic change that felt risky. I was struggling to take action towards what I wanted. I also had the mindset of you only get what you put in so I had more of an expectation of myself to make change in my life.

I mentioned to a friend that I needed a mentor to find a way forward and she introduced me to Sara. Going into the first session I was worried about goal setting which can be a little tiresome but Sara made it fun and much easier. By the end of that first session, I felt motivated, encouraged, supported in my journey and excited to see my goals out to the end. A few of my friends are amazed at my hard work and progress I’ve made in a short space of time. At the end of the series I’m believing in myself. I know now the real importance of goal setting and holding yourself accountable.


When I saw Sara’s coaching offer I was lacking motivation and direction. Wasn’t totally happy in my work or personal life and needed to take control again. I was so excited to start coaching! I knew I was being supported by the kindest, most non judgemental person : ) Throughout the series I felt understood and listened to. With Sara I learned that I can make what I want happen. I realised that I create my own life. Once you take control back and make the right decisions and steps the world is your oyster.

― Nikki

I worked with Sara during a time when I was going through a transition and experiencing a lot of stress. Sara was supportive and able to provide me with a wider vision of everything that was going on in my life. She helped me shift my perspective towards all the tasks I had to complete and lifted my energy in a very positive way. Her style of coaching is kind but firm. I am very grateful to have worked with her!

― Natalia

I remember thinking after my first session… how have I never thought to think about this before? And going back to the basics and finding the little things I love to help figure out why I am stuck. I was quite nervous about the first few sessions but Sara is amazing and so friendly so our calls were always so fun and motivating!
Although some questions can be very uncomfortable and tricky to answer so there were those moments which I didn’t like at the time but look back on and see them as the most important part. The biggest change I have got from the coaching series is my change in mindset. The way that I think about things going forward is going to have such a big impact on my career and relationships.
I also want to keep setting goals as I now know how it feels to accomplish a goal and work on myself more. I have already noticed such a massive change in myself and I know that I will keep changing the more I push myself and now that I am more aware.


At the beginning of the coaching series, I was in a space filled with uncertainty and self-made pressure to choose a path and make a big decision. I wasn’t feeling connected with myself and this made me feel lost, uninspired, and unable to take that step forward. I was also reflecting on how good I have felt within myself in the past and knew that doing some work on me guided by a coach would help me get back to that place.

Leading into the first session I was excited with a sprinkling of anxious energy. I was eager to learn what themes would naturally arise and what direction we would take with our coaching. Creating my goals and connecting feelings with each goal worked for me. I enjoyed the self-driven tasks and the opportunity for feedback throughout the coaching series.

The biggest change was regaining my ownership of how I lead my life.  I had forgotten my role in this, and with each session I remembered how much power I hold in getting the most out of my career or creating the space to feel inspired, connected, and to nurture me.


Intrigued? Here’s how you’ll know I’m the coach for you:

  • You have some experience in your career but you haven’t landed in the perfect place (yet!)
  • You deep down know you work hard but it feels inconsistent and like you’re never doing enough
  • You fear you’re wasting your full potential, that you could be getting so much more out of life

A Final Word

I get that investing in a coach, especially if no one you know ever has, is a scary prospect. Being the first to do something takes trust in yourself, that you know with conviction that this is the right move.

I want you to know you CAN trust yourself. Investing in coaching can be your first step as someone who knows they’re worth spending time, energy and money on themselves. Who understands that you get to your dreams a whole lot faster and easier with a pro. I know it’s tempting to think you can go it alone. And I know you can! But do you want to get where you’re going in three months or three years?

If you’re AT ALL curious, book a complimentary consult. Worst case scenario is you spend an hour exploring an option that isn’t right for you. Best case scenario, your life changes trajectory.

Are you ready? Click the button below to fill in your questionnaire ahead of your complimentary consult. Can’t wait to meet you!

Are you ready to bring joy into your career & your life?