Career Confidence Coaching

What if you could achieve your 5 year career goal in 3 months?

You already have the experience.

You already have the skills.

You already have the training and qualifications.

You’re hiding behind this thought – “I just need to [insert excuse] then I can achieve my goal.”

What you really need is consistent action towards your goal.


Hi I’m Sara, your career confidence coach.

I started An Independent Maven to help women unlock that hidden potential that they KNOW is inside them.

In my day job as a software project manager, I’ve witnessed so many brilliant women say things like I just wanted to check in, is this right, is this what you would do, I want to make sure I get it right. Not trusting their own experience and judgement. And I get it because that was me for so long. 

As a career coach, I see women turning this tentativeness on themselves. Wondering if they’re good enough, leading to “I just need to [insert excuse] then I can achieve my goal.”

I believe strongly in the brilliance of women. I’ve made it my mission to support women to unleash this buried potential in their careers.

Introducing my signature career confidence framework.

Developed through my client work and my own personal career experience, these are the three elements of confident and successful career:

Being in the right job.

this is about job searching, getting promoted, changing responsibilities or teams to be in the environment that feels just right.

Being excellent in that job.

this is alllllll the soft skills that enable you to absolutely excel in your role. Think communication, feedback, working with colleagues, managing up

Being empowered in that job.

this is approaching your work in a way that feels so true to you so you can show up and smash it! Think reducing stress, energy management, finding your flow, implementing boundaries, mastering your to do list

At the start of the coaching series I felt very stuck and out of ideas on how to make change especially in my career. I thought I could get some tips and tricks from but did not expect to have my whole mindset changed and to get so much out of my goals. – BROOKE
Every day I embody a little more the person I want to be and these are subtle changes, but so important and powerful! – Avy

Three ways to tap into my framework:

Career Confidence session.

What you get: one 75 minute coaching call + one week of Voxer support

Best for: Working through a specific situation at work that is taking up a disproportionate amount of brain space like a conversation you’re avoiding or setting your professional development goals.

Exchange: $250

Career Confidence coaching.

What you get: six 60 minutes coaching calls over 3 months + voxer support 

Best for: Making a decision on do I stay or do I go and actually doing it so you can move into a new chapter of your career.

Exchange: $1500 or 4 x $375

Career Confidence mentoring.

What you get: twelve 60 minutes coaching calls over 6 months + voxer support 

Best for: Full career transformation that sets your soul on fire, fills you with passion and you feel the true impact of your work everyday. 

Exchange: $3000 or 8 x $375

Keen? Curious? Got questions?

All options start with a free consult chat so we can meet, explore what you’re wanting to get from coaching and you can ask questions.

Before working with Sara I was wanting a change in my career but feeling indecisive and scared to make such a drastic change that felt risky. I was struggling to take action towards what I wanted. At the end of the series I’m believing in myself. – Bianca
When I saw Sara’s coaching offer I was lacking motivation and direction. Not sure what was next for me. Through working with Sara I learned that I can make what I want happen. – Nikki


I know you’re smart. I know you could probably figure this out for yourself. But it might take you five years to get there.

Working with a coach is a catalyst.

It gives you accountability to keep taking action even when it looks like it’s not working.

It gives you accountability to take action that moves you forward and point out when you try to hide again.

It gives you accountability to put your dreams first and start doing things now instead of putting it off to next week (which never comes).

My absolute sweet spot is women who are feeling lost in their career but have no idea what to shift to re ignite that spark.

I want you to experience a job and a career filled with passion, purpose and impact. And I want that for you TODAY, not in five years time.

Book your consult chat and find out what that looks like you!