About Me

Hi I’m Sara and I’m an independent maven! A kiwi girl (that’s a New Zealander if you don’t know) that just made the big move to London. Just a regular farm girl that fell in love with the big city. My life is lived in a duality of fun and not fun. Fun equals high heels, stimulating work, laughter, friends, cocktails, yoga. Not fun, welllll let’s not considerate it. I believe in the power gratitude, that the Universe is in my corner, loving my inner perfectly imperfect goddess. I believe in me. And in you.

About Independent Mavens

I am certainly not the only independent maven around here. Independent mavens are truly, fiercely themselves. We have serious style, that runs the full gauntlet from sleek minimalism to no such thing as too many sequins (I personally fall somewhere in the middle). Being an independent maven means being committed to bettering ourselves every single day. It means doing whatever it takes to feel good. To be true. It means living life large. And living it small. Most of all, its about doing you.

About An Independent Maven

An Independent Maven is one girl’s exploration of being her best self and living her best life.

What you can expect:

  • Candid: Deep reflections digging into whatever is going on for me on my maven journey
  • Lots of gratitude, love and sparkles
  • Opinions, all mine, not claiming them to be ‘correct’, just personal
  • Maven Approved: Reviews of anything I think is sufficiently rad to share
  • Mindfulness, maybe some minimalism, I’m toying with the ideas so bound to come up
  • Independent Explorations: My ramblings on whatever topic is top of mind. Right now that’s my quitting sugar journey