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5 Easy Actions For A Powerful End Of Year

The end of 2019 is rapidly approaching and Instagram is flooded with posts about getting ready for the new decade.

And while I agree with finishing strongly, this time of year is hectic enough without panicing that a whole decade will be ruined if we don’t prepare properly in the next two weeks.

Instead of overburdening a lengthly to-do list with talk of extensive reviews, thorough de-cluttering programs and complete lifestyle overhauls, I’ve come up with five super simple, completely manageable and FUN actions to end the year on a positive note.

Ending the year with positive action, building momentum is enough to begin the new year and the new decade on the right foot. Starting small, manageable yet consistent action that you can sustain is going to set you up for the biggest change in the coming months. Bearing that in mind, do one action or do all five. Keep them small. And whatever you do, make sure it adds to the gratitude of the festive season!

The end of the year can be crazy and the last thing you want is to increase your to-do list with making intentions for the new decades and setting quarterly goals for 2020. Instead build some positive momentum with one or two easy actions that will have you sailing into 2020 on a wave of positivity.

Delete Unused Apps

Spend ten minutes going through your phone, getting rid of everything you never use. Apps from that old job you no longer need. Productivity tools that have been superseded. Fitness tracking that you never update.

Remove it ALL and be gloriously guilt free about it.

We use our phones about a million times a day and we don’t need them as a constant reminder of things we’re not doing and choices we’re not making.

If you’re hesitating over deleting something, make a decision about how you’re going to use it going forward. If you can’t come up with plan for the app then it needs to go. You can always redownload it later if life becomes unbearable (but I’m betting you won’t).

Brainstorm Goals, Visions, Dreams

Go wild putting all of your dreams on paper. No filter. Include anything and everything that your head and your heart comes up with. No thought to timeframes or practicality.

I’ll let you in on a secret. I actually find it hard to dream big. To remove the mental shackles and let my imagination roam free. I’m a practical, details kind of person so it just doesn’t come naturally to me.

Here’s what I do. I give myself time. I let the brainstorming unfold over several days and the ideas get juicer, bigger, brighter.

You’ll get a sense if your life is heading a direction you like, without requiring a super structured reflection process. Plus it will get you (or at least should get you), incredibly excited for what the new year and decades brings. From that excitement comes motivation to get started.

What a great place to be in to start the new year.

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Book Your First Adventure of 2020

There’s nothing quite like always having something to look forward to. On the days when it all seems a bit tough, you can remind yourself what you’re working towards.

Whether its going on safari in Africa or booking a series of dance classes, pick a new experience and get it booked in!

Not only does it give you something to look forward to, but it sets an intention of what 2020 is going to be for you.

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Do Something Just for You

The end of the year is busy time when we can be very focused on everyone else. Finding the perfect present. Attending all of the festive occassions. Prepping an exceptional menu. Coordinating schedules. It can be a LOT of outward focus.

Amongst all of the crazy book in some time just for you. It can be as simple as an hour to watch the finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians with a glass of wine.

If you know you’ll struggle to keep the time aside, book in an appointment so you have to show up. Be it a session with a PT or a facial. A yoga class or a manicure (Christmas nails anyone?). Make it time that feels pampering and rejuvenating, leaving you ready to handle anything the festive throws at you.

Catch up with THAT Friend

You know the one. The one that you talk about seeing but never get around to it. You’ve been friends for years. You’re always there for each other when life goes awry. But making time for each other just because? Well something always seems to get in the way.

So schedule a wine over Skype. Pick up the phone and call them out of the blue. Squeeze in a quick lunch date on the last days of work.

For me, the end of the year is a time for generosity and that can be with your time, energy, presence as much as sending a thoughtful card or spending money on a gorgeous gift.

Bring on the New Decade!

It’s time to be excited. Now as much as any other time of year is a time of possibility. There is so much love and gratitude and generosity out in the world, you can’t help feeling abundant.

Let that energy infect you. Fill up on joy. Be in a state of celebration.

Look to the next month, year, decade with excitement instead of stress. There is no need to overload your to do list with more and more trainings and workbooks and whatever other freebies you’ve found online. Focus on what feels good and what fills you up with positivity for everything to come.

Most of all, however you decide to wind up 2019 and start 2020, have FUN!

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