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Why You Should Invest in Yourself

A month ago I finished a three month group Mastermind and  made more progress in my business than in the previous year.

Two years ago I invested in a relationship coach and completely changed all of my beliefs surrounding relationships. Now I have the best friendships imaginable and clear understanding of what I want in a romantic relationship.

Five years old I completely broke down crying when my peer mentoring group made me realise I wasn’t failing at my first full-time professional role. That I was being impossibly hard on myself and needed to give myself a break.

Being in group programs, committing to coaching has given me support, advice, accountability to move forward so much faster than I ever would going it alone. Plus I’ve met some truly rad people that have become lifelong friends.

It’s a big step, committing the time, energy and money to a coaching program. And it’s a step that’s 1000% worth it.

Why You Should Invest in Yourself

Get Bigger Results in Less Time

Living the dream right? Getting more for less. Working with a coach or joining a program has exactly this effect.

Your coach, if they’re worth their salt, has already travelled the path you’re going down. They’ve taken all of the side turns, explored off the beaten track and figured out what works to get to your destination. They guide you down a proven roadmap.

This means you can go full throttle. No getting slowed down figuring out the way, deciding what works. You get to pour all of your energy into the right things which is why you get results faster and with less effort (but not no effort before you get too carried away).

The Value of Experience

Particularly in a group coaching setting, you get to draw on the experiences of others. There’s a huge amount of value in getting someone else’s eyes on your problem. How many times have you been stuck on something, only for the right question from someone to completely change how you’re looking at the issue?

Everyone’s different experiences in life give them different perspectives to everything around them. And if someone is coaching in a particular area, such as business or body image, it’s an area that they have a lot of experience in. All of the knowledge they’ve gained is the expertise you’re paying for and getting the benefit from.

Gain Accountability and Support

For many of us, having a commitment to someone really helps with the motivation levels. No one wants to turn up to the coaching call and be the only person that didn’t complete their actions. So not only does coaching help you figure out what to do but it has a built-in mechanism to make sure you actually take action.

You also get the support of someone who has been where you are and really, truly understands what you’re going through. Whether it’s a group program where you travel the journey with a bunch of fab people or one to one coaching with just the coach in your corner, someone is there for you.

Taking part in coaching is all about up-levelling and that’s not easy to do. Having a cheerleader that understands makes a huge difference to keeping going when it gets tough. For that support along, hiring a coach is worth it.

If They Can Do It, I Can Do It

I’ll never forget working for an entrepreneur and thinking, if this guy can build a successful business, then I definitely can. And it was less about me believing in my own abilities and more about he was a regular guy that happened to work consistently towards his vision. He didn’t have any x-factor beyond a good work ethic. Something that can be learned! That was a hugely powerful lesson for me in recognising what it actually takes to be successful and to developing the self-belief that I could do it too.

Working with a coach provides the same opportunity. You’re interacting with a real person that’s achieved what you want to achieve. That makes it so real and tangible and possible. And while your coach is no doubt a superstar of a person, they will also be gloriously human. Realising that will take the pressure off. You’ll have actual, hard evidence that perfection isn’t a requirement for success.

Built In Points for Reflection

We all fall in the trap of being busy with life and never stopping to take stock of what’s going on. To consider the path we’re on. Is this a trajectory we’re cool with or do we want to take our life in a different direction?

Working with a coach changes that. It gives you built in checkpoints. And coaching asks a LOT of questions of you so you really need that reflection time. Whether it’s weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even quarterly, each session is a reminder to step back.

The peer mentoring group I was a part of for nearly three years met every four months for two days. Frequently, our favourite part of attending was two days out from our regular lives to look at things with some perspective. It was refreshing and allowed you to adjust course regularly.

Commit to Who You Want to Be

Engaging, especially paying for, a coach is putting a line in the sand about who you want to be. You’re making a statement that you want things to be different. That who you are now is no longer enough, you want to achieve a new level.

This is what makes working with a coach so scary. It’s not paying the money that you’re worried about. You’re not sure you can truly own your power. You question whether you’re worthy enough to become the person you dream of being. Actually doing the work and leaving the safety of familiar patterns of behaviour is beyond terrifying.

But if you’re ready, you’ll put the money down. You’ll put more effort into something that you’ve paid for so you’ll only invest if you’re sure that want to travel this journey.

So the question is, who do you want to be?

If you’re interested in exploring how we could work together to reach that next level of yourself, book a free, no obligation, exploratory call with me. We’ll chat about what challenges you’re facing and how productivity and habit building can support you in attaining that next level in your life.

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