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38 Mini Ways to Feel Abundant Today

Being abundant is about feeling abundant. Chances are if you’re reading this, you have plenty in your life. An internet connection. Spare time from working, eating, sleeping, surviving.

But it’s easy to lose sight of everything that we have, focusing instead on the many, many things we don’t have.

This list is a whole lot of suggestions of flipping that on its head. Small actions, done regularly, can create all of the abundance and prosperity you’ll every need.

You’ll notice that most of what is on this list isn’t financial. It’s not about money or bills or budgets. Abundance goes beyond what’s in your bank account. Truly feeling abundance is recognising the plethora you already have and being immensely grateful for those things.

Abundance. Gratitude. High vibes. Energetic match. We get it, it's all good stuff. But when you've had a tough day at work and the bills are due we don't always FEEL abundant. Here are 38 super simple ways to get into your abundant groove so you're ready to receive even more of life's greatness!

Small Ways you can Feel more Abundant Today:

  1. Get your favourite shoes reheeled and enjoy another year of loving them.
  2. Go around the toiletries and cosmetics you use everyday and buy backups for anything getting low – never run out again.
  3. Same goes for socks and underwear, always have extra.
  4. Speaking of socks and underwear, throw any that are manky and worn out. Making do is the antithesis of abundance.
  5. Join your local library and marvel at how many books you can read for free.
  6. Have a hot shower or bath – all that hot water just for you.
  7. Give £2 to a charity collector or homeless person. Look them in the eye and smile as you do it.
  8. Clear out your wardrobe and donate your cast offs to a charity shop. Extra potent if you donate in person rather than in a donation bin.
  9. Get your drycleaning done! More clothes to wear is always a good thing.
  10. Or do your ironing.
  11. Dig out something you haven’t worn in ages and figure out some outfits. Abundance right in your wardrobe
  12. Put clean sheets on your bed
  13. Write the biggest gratitude list ever
  14. Call someone that loves you unconditionally.
  15. Take a break. A proper one. Without your phone.
  16. Look up all the free things to do in your town and start making plans.
  17. Book some flights!
  18. Order delivery and revel in the world we live in.
  19. Volunteer your time.
  20. Clean up! Get your kitchen spick and span. Get your washing up to date. Just pick one thing and sort. It. Out.
  21. Scroll through Spotify and contemplate all of that music and how you’ll only ever listen to the tiniest fraction of it.
  22. Same with Netflix.
  23. Or all the books on Amazon. That is a lots of information and ideas right there.
  24. Write a postcard to someone you love. Post it!
  25. Write a compliment in a card and leave it for a stranger to find.
  26. Pay it forward when you buy your morning coffee.
  27. Look up at the endless blue sky.
  28. Or the stars.
  29. Buy lightbulbs. You never have them when you need them. Same with batteries.
  30. Fix that thing that’s been bugging you for months.
  31. Automate a task you hate and give yourself the gift of time.
  32. Diffuse the oils. Burn the candles. Use anything you’re saving for a special occasion.
  33. Get up slightly earlier and take your sweet time over your morning routine. Not rushing in this busy world is delicious.
  34. Go back through your planner in recent weeks and acknowledge all of the experiences and adventures you’ve had and the people you shared them with.
  35. Go outside and enjoy the weather. How it all helps plants grow. And animals grow. And the immense beauty and connectivity that is our ecosystem.
  36. Look at a photo of your favourite person. I dare your heart not to lift.
  37. Wrangle some time off on a weekday and revel in doing your groceries when no one else is in the store. Or any errand for that matter.
  38. Pick an area that’s not working for you and rearrange it. Jewellery stand, bedside cabinet and shelves are all good candidates.

Imagine how your life would feel if everyday you did something on this list. Cleaned your shoes before putting them away. Took the rubbish out. Dealt with that pile of clutter on your desk. Replaced your worn out socks. Were grateful for having enough food to eat.

There are a few underpinning ideas here. Look after your possessions. Keep your space organised and clean. Be grateful for what you have. See the magnitude in the world. Connect with people that you truly appreciate.

It’s important to watch how doing any of these suggestions makes you feel. Scrolling through Spotify puts me in awe of the creativity and prolificness of the world but maybe it makes you feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of music on your to listen to list. The first feeling is what we’re after, the second one we’re not.

Recognising Scarcity and Taking Daily Action

As you get adept at understanding what feels abundant to you, there’s another way to approach this.

Recognise when you’re feeling scarcity.

Are you frustrated yet again at not having clean socks? (this has been a big one for me recently. Clearly!). Does the dust on the bathroom door drive you crazy every time you do your business? Or are you rationing something out? I find myself doing this with food, scrimping on quantities as if I can’t just pop to the store and buy so more.

As you tune into these feelings, you start to realise these not 38 ways to increase your feelings of abundance. There’s literally infinite opportunity to take action.

But anytime you feel stuck or bogged down, you can always come back to this list. So much of what’s here is repeatable.

So print it off, put it somewhere you can see it and take one small, abundant action every single day.

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