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2018: A Round-Up

Welcome to the New Year!

How is it feeling so far? Hitting the ground running with clear goals or taking it a bit slower?

I’m certainly easing my way into 2019 and feel better for it. The start of a new year provides an easy reminder to pause, reflect, reevaluate but the thirty first of December isn’t actually a deadline. So if you, like me, haven’t quite figured out your 2019 dreams, goals or manifestations just yet, it’s ok.

There’s still time.

A few favourites from 2018 to bring in the new year.

While I’m finalising my plans for 2019, I’ve been thinking about 2018 and have a few favourites to share.

Book: Atomic Habits by James Clear & Factfulness by Hans Rosling

I included two because both of these books have influenced the way I think. When I find myself mentally referring back to concepts and ideas in a book, I know I’ve found a winner.

My favourite takeaway from Atomic Habits is every action is a vote for the person we want to be. Whereas Factfulness has got me thinking my critically about the information around me, considering its validity.

Podcast: Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

I don’t normally add new podcasts to my regular listening because I have enough trouble keeping up with my old faithfuls as it is (The Tim Ferriss Show and The School of Greatness if you’re interested). But this blends information and humour and Jonathan’s enthusiasm is simply infectious. It’s feel-good learning.

Album: Unapologetically by Kelsea Ballerini

Now I’m not known for my music taste but I had to share this because I love it so much. I saw Kelsea perform live in March and now I’m obsessed. Miss Me More might just be my amp song of 2019.

Country: Sailing in Croatia

This was a complete dream holiday with lots of new experiences. First time eating Octopus that actually looked like Octopus rather than fried. First time flipping off a boat. First time stand up paddle boarding. Plus the whole living on a yacht for week aspect. All topped off with the layers and layers of history in Split. Incredible!


I’ve raved about this before but this app is making it so much easier for me to be productive. And with much less stress. It puts all of my tasks in one place. I can access on my computer or my phone. It has a seriously nifty grocery list feature that I adore. If you’ve tried a lot of productivity tools and still haven’t found the one, I highly recommend trying

Blog Post: The Single Best Thing I’ve Done for my Finances

This one is picked by you guys! My top blog post for 2018 was on personal finance which isn’t my usual area of expertise. I wrote about using a Kaikebo to track spending and learn good money habits. It made such a huge difference for me that I’m stoked that it’s resonated with you.

2018 was a big year for trying things and growing a lot. I got a new job, new visa, visited home and moved into a new flat. You don’t go through all of that without learning a few things about yourself.

For 2019, I want to build on that learning. I want to make the most of this opportunity I have to live in London for a while longer. I want to treat myself well even when it feels like everything is crazy. I want to dedicate time and energy to building this blog and spending time online with you. Most of all, I want to play a little bigger, be a little bolder and live a little more true.

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