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Maven Matters: On My Relentless Search for Better

I’m what you might call difficult to please. Never satisfied. Or easily bored. Maybe flaky. On a never-ending search for a miracle cure. Always onto the next thing. This is going to the habit. Or routine. Or course. The one that (finally!) revolutionises everything.

Except it’s not.

Because I often get bored, I move on before I really given the habit a chance to have an impact. Or before I finish the course. I’m gone before I’ve given it a good crack.

Let me tell you something. It’s exhausting. The pressure of all those half-completed seven-day challenges and free worksheets and online courses. The overwhelm from always more, more, more. Better, better, better. It’s unfocused and cluttered and generates huge feelings of inadequacy and incompetence.

Until I did a Wealth Dynamics profile and learnt I’m a Mechanic. Which means I tinker. Constant refinement is innate. I take what is and make it better. Be default.

The relentless search for better is who I am.

The relief!

At my core, this is how I operate. Accepting that and learning to channel it (and manage it) turns it into my superpower. Taking who I am and amplifying it.

In my career, I constantly ask, how can we do this better? How do we improve? How can be more efficient, better quality, deliver more consistently?

Personally, I pick think to focus on and then all my energy goes there. Right now I’m sticking with my health and fitness routines and tinkering with different ideas surrounding An Independent Maven.

So tell me, what inherent trait are you fighting in yourself? If you accept it, embrace it and channel it, could this be your superpower?

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