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Tricks to Get into a Go Get Em Frame of Mind 

Every now and then life requires you get up, get psyched when all you feel like is cups of tea and wearing your slippers. This situation doesn’t need to be a drag, with some simple techniques, you can flip the switch from lethargic to lethal!

  1. Have your power outfit! Putting on heels makes me feel sassy and all conquering. I’ve been known to put stilettos on to sit on my bed and write blog posts. If I’m struggling to focus when working from home, putting on shoes, as opposed to bare feet/socks/slippers triggers my brain that it’s work time. Whether it’s great tailoring, putting on makeup, or getting a blow dry, find out what about your appearance switches you on to domination mode.
  2. Who here has a power song? The one  anthem or album that you always sing to and get pumped up. The energy of rock, like the Foo Fighters or Royal Blood, and the happiness of pop, such as Little Mix or Meghan Trainor are my go tos. Have one song you put in before big moments, close your eyes, feel the energy fill you up and go out and smash it.
  3. We’ve all heard the scent is a powerful sense, capable of transporting us. Certain scents can also centre us, bring us present. My favourite smell for raising energy levels is Peppermint but other spicy scents may work for you. So burn a candle or diffuse some essential oil and take a big inhale.
  4. Speaking of inhaling, breath is the fastest way to shift energy. Breathing properly and fuelling your body with that good oxygen helps clear the brain, ready for anything.
  5. Take breath a step further and meditate. Gain control of your thoughts, observe what bubbles up, create mental space. Every time I dabble in regular meditation, I find my ability to switch on when required increases.
  6. Visualise, visualise, visualise. Picture how you want things to go until you feel how you want to feel in that moment. I know I’m doing this right when I feel like my cells are vibrating in anticipation. 

No matter where you are, what’s happening and how soon you need to smash it, these tips can mentally prepare you. I suggest picking two or three that appeal and creating a wee arsenal. Or take it a step further and combine them to create a ritual for before big moments. 

Which one of the above tips are your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

2 replies on “Tricks to Get into a Go Get Em Frame of Mind ”

Thanks! Why do you prefer visualising? I like that you can visualise anywhere and it can be super quick


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