Good Question

Good Question: What’s the Most Loving Thing I Can Do for Myself Right Now?

Why I Love This Question

The short answer is I’m writing this on a Virgo New Moon and when I googled what to reflect on, this is the question I got. What’s more, it felt like the question I needed to be answering. Always the sign of a good question, when it hits a nerve.

More than that, the question asks the Most Loving Thing. There is always a laundry list of things to do, and often we prioritise needs and urgent and we promised someone. This question is about me. About you. It’s personal and intuitive. Instead of asking for more, it asks for compassionate, kindness, self-awareness.

The scale of this question is small. It’s focused on the right now. Too often we focus on grand changes, sweeping statements, transformations. There’s true power in the here and now. Everything is achieved through the culmination of small, compounding actions. What you do now matters more than a grand plan for tomorrow. Maybe you need to get outside and breath fresh air. Or pour a glass of wine and savour it undistracted. Finish that niggly task so you can stop thinking about it. Ring your parents to feel unconditional love. Ten minutes to disappear into a good book.

It’s about the gift you give yourself. It’s within your power. There’s no relying on others coming through for you. I’m not saying the most loving thing can’t involve other people, but the question states ‘do for myself’. Empowering. Self-reliant. No excuses. Using our own wisdom and self-awareness and skills to do something immediate to show ourselves some love.

What’s not to love about that?

When to use this Good Question

When you’re not feeling the love. Anytime you feel low or like you’re searching for something outside of yourself. Or you feel your inner voice is being unsupportive and limiting.

What is the Most Loving Thing I Can Do for Myself Right Now?

Stop. Tune in. Pay attention to where my vibration is at. Recognise that the habits that keep me sane and happy and aligned have fallen away. Cracked ribs have disrupted my exercise. I’ve been slack and inconsistent about gratitude journalling and training my inner dialogue to be supportive and abundance. Old fears have crept back in. Inadequency, unworthiness, unloveable, that it’s me against the world and no one’s on my team. Old beliefs that don’t support me and definitely aren’t true. The most loving thing I can do for myself is remember I have tools and techniques to grow beyond these limits. More importantly, I need to use them.

Knowing the right question to ask is more powerful than having all of the answers. If you use this Good Question, let me know how you get on in the comments!

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