Maven Matters

Maven Matters: On Fresh Starts

Does a fresh start always need to include moving to a new place or starting a new job? Do these physical changes really lead to the mental clean state we want? More likely our baggage comes with us. 

Wherever we are, there we are. 

You can’t outrun yourself. Just because your environment changes, doesn’t mean you do. 

A real fresh start is internal. It’s a change in mindset and approach. It’s a decision. 

A change in the external may facilitate a change in the internal. Provide the space for new habits and letting people go. But if you haven’t done the internal work, dig through why you want things to be different. More importantly dredged up why you were infatuated with that guy or eating cake for breakfast. Gone all in on examining the relationship with yourself and why you don’t treat yourself how you want to be treated. Without the cross examination, the facing the truth and wallowing in all the icky feelings. Without a good cry, you know, the can’t breath, crying with your whole body kind of cry. The cry that comes from hitting some deep internal wounds. Without all that, the external change isn’t a fresh start. You’re just running on willpower, not creating a fundamental shift inside yourself. Willpower runs out. Then you’re back where you started. 

So a fresh start? Is it in the mind or in the environment? 

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