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9 Ways Podcasts Amplify Your Life

Most mornings you’ll find me, earbuds in on my commute, soaking up the latest podcast. Of course, at An Independent Maven, we’re all about amplifying our options as a way to elevate our lives. Over the past three years of podcasting listening, I’ve discovered how powerful they can be in elevating my life, and no doubt, yours too.

  1. Productivity and motivation.

There’s nothing quite like listening to uber successful people in the morning to make you determined to smash your day. Kick arse by definition is going to amplify your options because you’re taking action to make your life happen.

2. Learning.

One of the easiest ways to create more options is to learn something new. A podcast can introduce you to a new concept that allows you to solve a problem. Or teaches you a different point of view that means you can relate that new co-worker.

3. Dip your toe in.

A podcast may have the lowest barriers to entry to try something new. They’re free, you can listen to them in ‘dead’ time and if you hate it? Turn it off. There’s almost zero risk so now is your time to learn about Ancient Greek Mythology.

4. Mentoring.

A mentor is someone more experienced that can guide you. Make you approach situations differently. Ask the difficult questions. Podcasts are like having access to hundreds of mentors. For every aspect of your life. Whenever you need them.

5. Tools and Tactics.

When I wrote this post on running, the tactics of smaller steps to run further came from a podcast. My use of the Headspace app to meditate is because of a podcast interview with founder Andy Puddicombe. A new tactic I’m currently trying is saying I don’t. As in I don’t miss yoga. This simple reframing is from yet another podcast (sorry, don’t remember which one!).

6. New Resources.

Half of the books on my bookshelf were either discussed in a podcast or the author was interviewed. The Tim Ferris Show led me to James Altucher which led me to Lewis Howes. Who has now got me listening to Wrongful Conviction. You could draw a web of how all of favourite people and resources are interconnected through podcasts.

7. News.

Podcasts are a great way to stay informed. Long format shows can give a more balanced point of view and more detailed information than you get elsewhere.

8. Introspection.

In high school, I learnt introspection is one of the ways of knowing. A thoughtful podcast can be a portal to the deep recesses of your brain. In fact, I challenge you to listen to my recommendations below and NOT start relating it back to yourself.

9. Fun.

Being entertained. Laughing. Feeling joy. It all amplifies your options. Every time you radiate positive energy into the world, things shift and align. So go ahead, pick a podcast that makes you feel good.

Recommended by An Independent Maven

Do you listen to podcasts? If you do, let us know which ones and why you listen in the comments!


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