Good Question

Good Question: What’s Missing From My Life?

Why I Love This Question

It’s a great checkin. One question to prompt a quick life scan. The answer can run the gamut from basics like sleep and vege intake to the social, when was the last time I talked to my best friend?, to the material, kick arse stilettos for that work meeting, to the existential, not enough joy.

It’s not a heavy question. Necessarily. Often my answer is I’m not having enough fun. Being spontaneous. I get bogged down in commitments, routine and being sensible. Sometimes I need to through caution to the wind (to the extent I can). Maybe you feel drawn to feeling the grass beneath your feet or dancing until you’re breathless. The answers to this question are often surprising and always limitless.

It’s quick and dirty. It should be instinctive. Whatever comes to mind. This is one for underthinking. See what comes up and run with it. Plus the answer can be a one off, a quick fix. For once an improvement technique that doesn’t require complete routine overhaul.

It’s actionable. Making the necessary adjustments is obvious. Yes, easier said than done. But now the missing thing is identified, you have a path forward. You know the change will work because this question brings back tried and true habits and hobbies. Your subconscious brain is going to rely on what it knows. Instinct keeps it simple. The creativity comes in reshuffling your schedule for the hour of quiet time or that watercolour class. But because this desire is coming from the core of you, you’re guaranteed that effort is worth it.

When to use this Good Question

Anytime things feel a bit off. Out of kilter. Low vibe. Basically, when you feel like something is missing. Pause. Ask yourself the question. Listen to what your intuition has to say.

What’s missing from my life right now?

Exercise and routine. I’ve been on holiday for a month No alarms in the morning. One yoga class all month. Every day different. Not cooking. There have been road trips and plane rides. New friends and surreal experiences. Adventure has been good for my soul. But I’m back in London now, back at work and my body is crying out to be physically worked. To be feed nutritious, home cooked, organic vegetables. To be back in alignment with its natural rhythms. My body, my mind, and my soul want to undo the blobbification of being on holiday. I’m missing structure.

Knowing the right question to ask is more powerful than having all of the answers. If you use this Good Question, let me know how you get on in the comments!

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