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Maven Matters: Nice as a Superpower

In my day job, I’m a corporate manager. A role typically considered to require a ruthless streak to get to the top.

I’m not cutthroat.

But becoming an Operations Manager at 27 can be considered successful by many standards. (On a more appropriate standard, I’m happy and stimulated as an Ops Manager, which, to me, is real success).

If I’m not ruthless then how do I do it?

I’m nice.

I take an interest, I listen, I remember details (a name can go a long way).

People like me. The teams I work with want to do things for me. They feel respected and listened to. They feel like they matter, that they are a part of something.

Never underestimate the power of making some feel like they belong. Like they matter. Like their opinions are worthy. Like they can contribute.

Time and time again, people have surprised me. Risen to the occasion so to speak. I’ve helped them believe in themselves.

In this world of superficial and non-existent connection, listening to someone, valuing them can be all it takes to get the best out of them.

The next time you need to collaborate with someone, or need someone to raise the bar, or persuade someone to consider your point of view, talk a little. Get to know them, ask questions and take sincere interest in the answers. Build a connection and see how they open up to working with you.

All it takes is to care.

Be nice.

2 replies on “Maven Matters: Nice as a Superpower”

Thanks so much Zoe! I’ve been keeping this comment in mind all week as I work with my new team. It reminds me to be patient and aspire to be the leader and manager I would want to work for. Xxx


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