Amplify Your Options

Simplify to Amplify

Earlier this week, this video landed in my inbox. It goes straight to my core. Why I’m here. Why I write. Why you’re here reading this. To amplify!

Getting simple and focused amplifies your options because you get results.

It’s counterintuitive, I know, because choosing to focus on a few things seems like removing options. Which is not what we’re about at An Independent Maven. However, as Marie points out in the video (seriously, go watch it), having our energy pulled in too many directions produces mediocre results across the board.

No results = less options.

So in the interest in practicing what I preach, here is what I’m simplifying:


Focus: Completing my current contract strongly (I’m in the last month) through executing my final project and setting up the foundation for my next contract.

Backburner: anything else that comes up. I’ve already said no to tasks that shouldn’t be my responsibility so yay me.

Side Projects

Focus: This blog. I’m focused on building a community and being of service to rad ladies out there so want to make this virtual space reflect that.

Backburner: Opportunities to work with some friends on developing a webinar on business process (my day job), building a doTerra network (I swear by essential oils) and learning about penny stock trading with Timothy Sykes.

Everything else

Focus: My Wellbeing. Feeling energetic is fundamental to me achieving the above two points so I guard it carefully. This means sleep, plenty of veges and hitting the yoga mat.

Backburner: Learning Spanish, Dance Lessons, Meditating, learning to Watercolour paint, reading more……there are so many habits and skills I want to pick up and explore but there are only so many hours in the day.

Right now I’m choosing a building phase in my life. Focusing on my career and building my own community. This naturally means some sacrifices are involved, like all of the different interests listed above. I do have a couple of non-negotiables, my social life and volunteering. I might be an introvert but I need quality time with my people or I lose my mojo. So it stays but I’ll need to say no to some invites. Volunteering is about living my values so that’s not going either.


Tell me, what are you focusing on in your life right now?

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