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Quote Unquote: Amos Tversky

When you are a permissist and the bad thing happens, you live it twice. Once when you worry about it and the second time when it happens.

What I LOVE about this quote is the worry comes first not second. That we live the worry in our minds, then live it in the physical reality. Like we created it.

As opposed, something bad happening and then reliving it over and over after the fact by dwelling on the past. Both sequences are valid and absolutely we’ve all experienced them.

The reason I like Tversky’s order is that it’s empowering. If we worry, we bring about negative events and then we worry some more. Big, bad, soul-crushing, self-reinforcing cycle.

But if that’s true, then the antithesis must be true too.

If we think optimistic thoughts, visualise, focus on gratitude, then we produce more optimism and gratitude in our lives.

Meaning, we create our own lives. We have the power. Pretty groovy, huh?

4 replies on “Quote Unquote: Amos Tversky”

It’s such a great reminder. I feel remembering we hold the power is a never ending journey, in the best possible way.


Ah, I relate SO much to this quote! It’s so true that all too often our mindsets have a big part in the different things we experience – negativity breeds negativity after all, so it makes sense that negative thinking often leads to that negativity becoming an actuality. (woah, could I have said negativity any more?! haha) I definitely think there is something in trying to be more optimistic, but I won’t lie, it can be such a challenge!


Absolutely! I always find that when I start observing my thoughts I get overwhelmed by how many negative ones there are. It can be so hard not to get discouraged.


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