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Amplify Your Options: A Definition

I love to learn things. That’s why I listen to podcasts.

To try tactics. That’s how I ended up with a daily gratitude journal.

To seek out new experiences. That’s how I ended up at Chichen Itza solo.

I love to read. That’s how I discover ‘life hacks’, habits to try, new places to explore.

I explore my own health and wellness to give me the energy to support my life. That’s how I ended up discovering yoga, quitting sugar and essential oils.

I constantly reflect on my life. That’s the source of my drive to level up.

Business, strategy, leadership spin my wheels. That’s why I’m going back to business consultancy (bye-bye operations).

I love to coach and mentor. That’s why I have this blog, to reach someone who can benefit from some of my life lessons.

I seek to get outside my comfort zone. Expand my life.

I seek to ask. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

I seek financial security and freedom. To be in control of my life and my options.

The common thread to all of this?

All of those actions and practices contribute to giving me more options. To amplifying my options.

More options = more freedom = more independence

And independence is what I’m all about (some may say that’s my Sagittarian free spirit talking).

More options equals a freer and more resilient life filled with incredible experiences.

What Does It Mean?

More options is finding ease and choices within life. It’s empowerment and the conscious pursuit of a life that’s fulfilling. Fulfillment means engaging in challenging and rewarding experiences. 

It means the constant and consistent redefinition of your comfort zone. Pushing against those boundaries on the regular.

It’s about the systematic identification of limiting beliefs and consciously working to evolve those limitations.

When Do Our Options Amplify?

Times our options amplify:

  • When we learn
  • When we play
  • When we develop new skills
  • When we realise what we don’t know
  • When we experience new things
  • When we meet new people
  • When we see new places
  • When we achieve
  • When we fail
  • When we listen
  • When we reflect
  • When we align with our values
  • When we draw lines in the sand
  • When we ask
  • When we do something scary
  • When we get bored
  • When we get crazy busy

Every time we learn more about ourselves, we unearth more options within us.

The Paradox Of Decision

Amplifying your options is about knowing yourself, knowing your values, knowing what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Understanding where the line is. And realising that strong guiding principles amplify your options, not close them down. Sticking to my tried and true colour palette of pink, blue, grey, black and white seems limiting, but creates options. Everything in my wardrobe coordinates, making shopping and getting dressed super easy. When I walk in a store I immediately identify my options. When I open my wardrobe I have endless combinations.

Or how understanding how you want to feel provides clear guidance to making decisions. Will this choice bring me closer to how I want to feel or further away? Within each emotion is countless ways to attain it. By defining what we want, we can unlock those options.

As opposed to being stuck in resisting making a choice because you have no idea how to and having no options at all. If you don’t choose, the Universe will choose for you and sometimes the Universe chooses to teach you the lesson the hard way. 

It opens up the infinite possibilities that are in alignment with yourself. The more you focus, the more possibilities you find. It’s paradoxical but it’s true.

How Does Amplifying Your Options Impact Your Life?

It’s mental. It’s physical. It’s emotional. It’s social. It’s financial. Amplifying your options is a mindset that applies to every dimension of your life.

Amplifying your options is creating the capabilities to leverage in your life when you need. Circumstances in which you can pivot as required. It’s creating resilience to respond to sudden changes and thrive. Options allows you to use those events as opportunities to build even more options into your life.

What’s My Story?

I’m new to the conscious amplification of my life but recently had the epiphany that I’ve been unconsciously seeking more options. When the latter shoe dropped, the other followed. Amplifying my opinions, sharing my story and Amplifying your options is what I have to say. This outlook on life is my contribution. It’s what I want to be known for. It’s how I can be of service. It’s what I do naturally, now I’m choosing to share it. Amplifying my options is an umbrella that covers many of the things I do and want to write about. My love of learning. Constant seeking of travel and new experiences. Regularly pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. My hatred of debt. My fascination with side hustles and financial freedom. My highly varied social network. I do have constants in my life, mainly people, but a large proportion is open and fluid. There are so many possibilities in this world. I want to explore them all. And I want you to have the opportunity to explore them too.

What do already do regularly that creates more options in your life?

4 replies on “Amplify Your Options: A Definition”

Hi Sara,

What a great post! I really enjoyed it! It’s well written and it inspires me for the day ahead and a few projects 🙂
Thank you,
I’m looking forward to reading more of your musings and reflections.


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