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I Quit Sugar Week 6: Speed Wobbles

A tired start to the week. Mountains of work stress. Preparing for a weekend away. There was always going to be a point on this journey where life REALLY put me to the test. Week 6 was that week. I took the advice to start playing with reintroducing sugar a little too far. Mainly in the form of chocolate biscuits. That dam work cookie jar! 

By the end of the week, I was feeling like crap and it was easy to start berating myself for my choices. But reflecting on it now, the same conditions 6 weeks ago would have wrecked way worse havoc. Six biscuits instead of two. Complete mindless consumption instead of noticing what’s happening and being able to correct course. During my trip to Dublin, where I cooked nothing, I managed mindful choices. Where possible I chose vegetables and I didn’t snack. Despite the temptation when travelling to try ALL the treats, I didn’t. I’m still very much focused on developing these habits and reprogramming my mind.

In between my body reacting adversely to too much processed food and sugar, there are some wins. So I’m dusting myself off, facing week seven and seeing how I’ll manage without my Sunday cook up to set me up for success.

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