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I Quit Sugar Weeks 4 & 5: Case of the Whys 

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a serious case of the whys. Standing in the work kitchen thinking I should chuck it all in for a chocolate biscuit. My resolve seriously wavered. A couple of times I broke. Through in my friends birthday party and I completely fell off the wagon. Instead of these incidents being disasters, they taught me a few things 

Firstly, I am committed to this lifestyle change. Not just for the right week program but long term. I’m saving recipes and noting ideas so I’m prepared to keep going long after the meal plans appear in my inbox.

Secondly, my ego is trying to keep in familiar territory because it’s safe. My monkey mind still tells me sugar is the answer when I’m tired or stressed or over it. The toughest part of this whole journey is retraining my brain in these moments. Not just to resist the impulse for sugar but form new impulses for low moments. Herbal tea. A walk around the block. A brief stretch. Thirty seconds of centering breath. Drink more water. When I get to the point that these options become my habit, not sugar, that’s when a fundamental change has happened. That’s when quitting sugar has become a sustainable lifestyle for me. Relying on willpower, like I am currently, is not. 

I’ve had my lapses and my celebrations. I’ve noticed how these occasions have made me feel. I’ve jumped straight back on the wagon, built a little more mental strength and taken another tiny step towards reprogramming my brain.

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