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Maven Matters: On Why I Volunteer

I volunteer because I feel immensely lucky to have the life I lead. By the lottery of birth, I’ve never gone hungry (like properly hungry), I’m well educated, can move to the other side of the world, am surrounded by love. Life, in the grand scheme of things, is good to me. So I want to be good to life. To share a sliver of my incredible fortune with others. Spread my energy and my joy. I have the ability to help others so I do. Simple.

I’m not setting the world on fire with my altruism. But on Sunday, while helping at Lunch Club for the lonely, a lovely lady said she enjoyed my youthful energy and hoped she’d see my back there soon. That’s enough for me.

2 replies on “Maven Matters: On Why I Volunteer”

I definitely think the biggest barrier to volunteering is getting started. Lots of people want to give back but struggle to find options that fit their schedules.


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