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I Quit Sugar: Reflections on Week One

I pulled on my favourite work pants this morning and they weren’t tight. For the first time in months, they were comfortable to wear again. My motives for quitting sugar aren’t centred around my weigh but this is awesome. Since finishing university three years ago, ten extra kegs has crept on. For the first time I feel like I’m developing habits that will reverse that trend. Sustainable habits to reverse it permanently. That’s a massive win in one week. 

So right now I’m feeling on top of the world about this big change of mine. It helps that I had delicious curried sausages for dinner – have I mentioned the food is scrumptious? When I was a kid I thought food could be yummy or good for you, not both. This program well and truly dispels that myth. There’s been Indian burgers, Apple and Bircher muffins, fish pie topped with toasted bread and Parmesan. Mmmmmm. So good. The food is delicious, nutritious and ready in half an hour. That’s why I feel like this was of eating is sustainable, I don’t feel deprived. Instead I feel energetic. Light. Vibrant. I’m bouncing off the walls. Getting my energy levels back is why I’m doing this program and I’m so stoked that I’ve had results so quickly. 

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. Avoiding the office cookie jar takes some serious willpower when my 3.30itis kicks in. My energy has improved but my mid afternoon slump is proving harder to kick. This is a big reminder that I can’t control my environment all the time and need to find ways to deal with temptation. My big saviours have been drinking looooots of water – up to three litres a day, herbal tea – peppermint during the day and a detox or sleepy blend at night, and raw nuts as a quick snack. Also soda water, cheese and proper 90% chocolate saved my Friday night need for treats without breaking the low sugar rules of week one. Finding ways to confront and acknowledge how I’m feeling when it comes to cravings has been a big learning curve and chance to change my relationship with food. This journey is still in its infancy but ultimately is where I think I’ll get the most value from quitting sugar. Not the energy or the weigh, but food freedom. Exciting!

Week one is finito and my focus was on just getting through a week without sucmbing to temptation. No matter how many handfuls of nuts it took (way less than I thought it might!). For week two I want to cut out snacking and focus on eating enough in my meals. I know snacking is when I’m most likely to eat ‘bad’ food outside of the program so eliminating in between eating is a big step to creating the long term habits. Find out how I get on next week! 

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