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Maven Matters: On Evening Routines

Why do morning routines get all of the attention when evening routines can be equally as impactful. I’d so more so for those of us that find waking up in the morning challenging. Simply because we’re more likely to stick to an evening routine and thereby get the benefit. A morning routine on paper is no routine at all. This is the challenge I face. I have a lovely morning routine all planned but the execution is patchy. But my evening routines is nailed and it rocks for me. Here’s what I do and why:

  • I use a night alarm to get the party started. This means I have enough time to get my routine done and get to sleep on time. I’m a sleeper. Sleep deprived Sara ain’t pretty. Mainly I get frustrated that I’m not being as effective as I could be so I prioritise getting my shut eye.
  • The heat from a shower (and when I’m lucky a bath) helps my body relax and get sleepy so I start there. It’s all about winding down and washing away the day.
  • Being tidy and organised keeps me in control and stops my brain worrying that I’ve forgotten something. Nothing like an overactive brain to keep me away so I tidy my room and pack my bag before bed.
  • Planning my day quiets my brain and allows me to hit the ground running the next day. I often find my subconscious has worked on my plans overnight and I have fresh insight when I wake up. A great way to solve problems. So sleeping on it is definitely a thing.
  • My whole evening routine started with gratitude journaling. Finding at least some five things to be thankful for from that day keeps me optimistic and reminds me there is no such thing as a truly bad day. This practice is single most life changing habit I’ve cultivated. 
  • Finally I read. Sometimes only a couple of pages and admittedly sometimes far longer than I should. Having reading in my routine ensures I read daily which is super important to me. Plus it adds that last drop of brain fatigue that allows me to drift off to sleep. 

Each step is purposeful and deliberate. It’s geared towards my wellbeing and helping me sleep so I can conquer the world the following day. A routine means no decisions so my brain goes on autopilot so it’s not buzzing when I close my eyes. A routine also means my body has learnt these steps are triggers to sleep so my physical being is prepared for sleep too. 

This is what works for me, what works for you? 

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