Candid: 2016

An uncut, unedited list of lessons and discoveries from 2016.

  • I’m more me than I’ve ever been.
  • Learning to ask for what I want.
  • Taking up space.
  • Practicing these skills in smaller ways so it’s less scary when the big opportunities happen.
  • Costa Rica was a massive turning point creating exponential personal growth. The challenge has been to keep it going back in the real world.
  • Practicing being vulnerable, opening myself up more, being more honest. Letting people in is reaping rewards, big and small.
  • Been the most outside of my comfort zone that I’ve ever been and watching how I’ve reacted to those situations has brought me to a new level of understanding of who I am. 
  • I have the most incredible people in my life, leaving all of them behind has made me more grateful for them all in a way that never would have happened if I’d stayed in New Zealand. 
  • I pushed off from my safe beach and grew more than ever. I’m eager to stay in the fringes of my comfort zone and keep pushing those boundaries. Let’s see what else I’m capable of. 
  • Yoga is fundamental. I’m a better person when I practice. Full stop.
  • I still don’t know which practice/practise is the verb and the noun. 
  • Moving to London was an easier adjustment than the move from student to full time professional. That change felt like a dream for months, this felt real months ago.
  • New Zealand will always have my heart.
  • I still don’t have a clue about boys, men or relationships so I’m staying well away from dating, friends with benefits, Tinder – all of it.
  • I love rural life more than I’ve ever realised. I thought I was a city girl for life, now I’m not so sure.
  • Country music is where it’s at.
  • Experiences over things. Every big purchase now equates to a weekend in Europe. I’ll take the memories thanks.
  • But I still love the sass of a good pair of heels.
  • I love home and routines. Being settled and dealing with known quantities is a huge source of comfort for me. It enables me to push other boundaries. 
  • I am and forever will be a process person. Things need to work people! 
  • And above all else, be Sara.

Wow, 2016 has been quite a year for me! Writing this list gives me some ideas for what I want 2017 to look like and I’ll be sure to take some time to formulate those goals and aspirations in the next couple of weeks. 

I’m curious, how do you close out one year and set yourself up for greatness in the next?

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