What I Like Wednesday

What I Like Wednesday: Ironing

Introducing What I Like Wednesday, where I take generally disliked activities and explain what I like about them. It’s about to get very Zen up in here!

First up is Ironing. For even the most fearsome housekeeper, a dreaded task. Worse than cleaning the toilet even. Not for me. I find the sense of accomplishment very rewarding. The instant feedback of the creases disappearing strokes my ego. The satisfaction of a job well done. On the odd ocassion  I do my parents ironing, thinking how dapper my Dad will look in his neat shirt. A hint of smugness in enjoying an often loathed activity (I am human after all). And the smell of freshly pressed cotton -heaven! (I used to have a fresh linen scented candle and it’s my favourite ever)

Me and ironing weren’t always on these good terms. But I once read a Buddhist quite along the lines of:

Don’t do the task to get the task done, do the task to do the task.

In other words, focusing on finishing creates dissatisfaction, you need to enjoy the journey. I can’t remember how I got from Buddha to ironing but I often ponder this sentiment as I iron. Which I guess makes ironing a form of meditation for me.

Told you it was going to get Zen!

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