Maven Matters

Maven Matters: On the Lost Art of Conversation 

Recently a colleague and I were lamenting the lost art of conversation. We’re certainly not the first people to notice the rise of superficial topics and attentions divided with a cellphone. But I ask you to m when was the last time you had a gloriously brain stretchy conversation? Do you miss it? I do.

When I get into it, if it’s been too long since my friends and I waxed lyrical on politics, philosophy, literatures, feminism, genetic modification then it’s usually a reflection of the caliber of company I’ve been keeping. That is not to at that there is anything wrong with fun friends, they add their own richness to life. Nor to say that deep friends and fun friends are mutually exclusive. And sometimes the best conversations aren’t with friends at all, but randoms met at the pub wanting to discuss the existence of aliens (this actually happened to me). 

What it comes down to, is conversation isn’t a lost art but a function of who you spend time with. So if you want your mind stretched, call your most opinionated friend, arrange dinner, put the phones away and let the fun ensue! 

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