Maven Matters

Maven Matters: On Why I Reread Books

I find a huge amount of comfort in the familiarity of a well worn story. Tales that I can nearly recite passages from I’ve read them so many times. My favourite book, Anne of Green arable so, has fallen in two. Sometimes I just open up anywhere and start reading, falling into known world. It’s a safe place, inside a familiar story. In all of the uncertainty and change of reality, the characters are your friends, people you can count on. 

I’ve been thinking about this because I just moved into my first London flat and started reading Harry Potter I found on a shelf. The months since I left New Zealand have been filled with the highlights of my life but also some pretty big lows. I’ve dealt with levels of uncertainty ways outside my comfort zone. In a week I start a proper job and alongside the excitement (it’s a fantastic role) are the new territory jitters. So when I went to start a new book over the weekend, I skipped over my usual non fiction and delved into the world of my friends Harry, Hermione and Ron.

Do you reread stories or do you think it’s a missed opportunity to explore something new?

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