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A Little Getting to Know Me 

Seeing as this little corner of the Internet is new (but not my first corner) I thought it’s only appropriate I introduce myself. So I’m Sara and the below life list should give you a little insight to the woman behind the words.

Making: plans. For my birthday (next week!), Christmas and New Years, this weekend! All my London adventures.

Cooking: Salmon and cous cous for healthy not too heavy comfort food as winter sets in.

Drinking: T2 French Earl Grey tea and dunking 85% dark chocolate into it. My after dinner morsel to curb sweet cravings (I have a serious sweet tooth that needs careful management).

Reading: All the Devils are Here by Bethany McLean. An absolutely fascinating insight into the characters behind the Great Financial Crisis. If you’re into that sort of thing, which I am.

Wanting: a perfect winter coat to keep me toasty warm. Which is proving to be super elusive so if any UK babes have any suggestions on where to look lets hear them!

Looking: for a job so if anyone knows of anyone in need of a process expert can you send them my way?

Playing: not enough it feels like.

Enjoying: all of the options in London. It’s also overwhelming to have so much choice but I love it.

Waiting: to feel settled in London. The puzzle pieces are coming together so I don’t think it will be much longer now.

Liking: my new sublet and getting to explore a new area of London. I’ve already made the acquaintance of the regulars in the local pub.

Wondering: about my daily routines and how to get the most out of days. (Hint: less TV equals more time for important things like talking to my parents and writing).

Loving: Saturday morning runs in late autumn sunshine and surprising myself with my time being much better than expected.

Pondering: what my next blog post should be, so many ideas of what I want to share with you all!

Considering: moving home. Never seriously. I’m not looking at flights. But life was good in New earl and and sometimes it’s temping to go back to it.

Watching: too much bad TV. It’s winter and easy to hibernate.

Hoping: that New Zealand stays safe and keeps banding together as we deal with another series of earthquakes. After being there five years ago I have huge amounts empathy for what everyone back home is going through.

Marvelling: at the BBC symphony orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall. Both the event and the venue were incredible!

Needing: a hairdryer, I’m still rocking holiday hair because I’m refusing to acquire belongings until I’m in a long term flat.

Smelling: ummmmmm truly nothing is hitting my nostrils right now and my sense of smell is not great.

Wearing: work clothes which includes a fab fuchsia lace pencil skirt.

Following: the news from home.

Noticing: how I’m feeling and figuring out how to stay positive through job rejection.

Knowing: sleep is everything. A week on my mates couch made me grummmmmmmmmmmmmmmpy!

Thinking: about everything. Settling in is giving me lots of time to reflect, especially on what is important.

Admiring: the resilience of New Zealand.

Sorting: my life in London.

Buying: as little as possible. Moving has given me a clean slate to be minimalist.

Getting: more connected with myself, tuning into what I need

Bookmarking: all sorts into my Pocket app, stay tuned for a round up coming soon.

Disliking: people overwhelm. So many people, all the time.

Opening: up more. Practicing being vulnerable because I can be hard to get to know.

Giggling: with my fellow temps over lunch. We usually eat in the office so felt good to get out for awhile.

Feeling: things are slowly coming into focus. Making sure the small things are in place so the big things can happen.

That’s enough about me. Even if you don’t feel like sharing, going through each of the verbs and noting the first thing that comes to mind can be very enlightening. So have a go and let me know how you get on!

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