Struggling to focus when working from home? Frustrated by your life passing you by as excuses hold you back? Feeling like you’re lacking clarity and direction?

You’re in the right place! Below you’ll find a mix of self paced courses and upcoming live courses to support you in getting more done with less stress, whatever your challenge is. It’s time to live full and FULFILLING lives!

Find Your Productive Flow

Find Your Productive Flow – my signature program.

6 weeks to uncovering your feminine superpowers to get more done with less stress.

Learn how to utilise the four seasons of your cycle to unleash your creativity and upgrade your productivity in a sustainable and aligned way.


Free introductory training happening Wednesday 29th April 2020 7.30pm NZT.

Self Paced Courses

Get your career edge.

Find yourself easily distracted working from home? With remote work increasingly becoming the norm, learning to be effective anywhere sets you apart from your colleagues. Learn to resist the distraction to focus on meaningful work.

(Includes nearly THREE hours of video covering mindset, setting boundaries, what to think about when taking a break at home, four strategies for knowing what to do next. BONUS video on how to get help from the IT desk FAST.)

Price: $27 US

21 days to get you moving.

Give yourself permission to dream a little. To take some action. To consciously, deliberately move towards a life that lights you up. Get past the blocks and fears and unworthiness and start living your life for you!

(Includes 21 days of emails designed to help you find clarity, move beyond your fears, get inspired, take action and start moving towards your dreams. Expect support, thought provking questions and a cheerleader in your inbox.)

Price: $21 US

From aimless to focused.

Lacking focus, clarity, direction in your life? Want to set goals but don’t even know what you want from life? Find your way forward my tried and tested life reflection and goal setting process.

(Includes a 6 step process to evaluate what’s going right in your life, how to get more of it and set a focused, specific set of goals to make the next 6 months your best ever. PLUS a worksheet to translate your goals into every day habits so you show up consistently.

Price: $17 US

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