Career & Life Coaching

More than anything in the world you want to feel like you’re fulfilling your potential.

You know with complete certainty that you have more to offer the world than you’re doing right now.

And you’re frustrated because you can’t see how, in this job at this company, that will ever be possible. Every day is more of the same and you feel more stuck than ever.

Right now, you probably think the only way to turn your career around is to do something dramatic.

Quit your job. Go back to university. Get another qualification. Apply for a hundred jobs a day. Change industries. 

Those things feel like a big enough change to address the magnitude of how tired, frustrated and simply stuck you feel.

Here’s what I need you to understand:

Setting a clear intention of what you want to be different and doing something to move down that path regularly will do more for you than dramatic changes ever will.

With a dramatic change, you end up recreating the same frustrations at another company. It’s like dumping one bad boy only to start dating another.

I want you to leave the bad boys jobs behind you and find that long term, supportive love (job) that brings out the best version of you.

Career & Life Coaching

A 1:1 coaching experience to pull your career out of the mud and help you step into your potential.

For most of us, success in our careers is how we fulfill the creativity, the drive, the potential inside of us.

So landing a role we love, getting to express ourselves and be accepted by our colleagues is a big deal. It’s our cornerstone to a truly great life.


Hi I’m Sara, your career and life coach.

I started An Independent Maven to help women unlock that hidden potential that they KNOW is inside them.

Three years ago I had just been dumped and made redundant in the same week. I felt worthless. It was hard to imagine anyone wanting to hire me.

Yet the very next job I got was the best job I’d ever had. I ticked every box and then some on my wishlist for my next role.

I had very deliberately rebuilt my confidence, reconnecting with the value and experience I brought to any role. By the time I started applying for jobs, I knew any company would be lucky to have me!

I learnt that the job that came before doesn’t have to determine whether you can have the career you want or not. Wanting something better AND getting it is possible.

I believe strongly in the hidden brilliance of women. I’ve made it my mission to support women to unleash this buried potential in their careers.


You’re ready for coaching if:

  • Everybody and everything else comes first leaving no time for what you want and need.
  • You’ve been putting it off until next week for two years now. It being anything from finally deciding what to do about your job to finding a workout routine you actually want to do.
  • At the end of the day, you flop down in front of Netflix exhausted. Work is getting all of your energy but you also don’t really feel like you’re accomplishing anything meaningful.
  • You’re missing the right support system to be truly successful, whether it’s a supportive relationship with your manager or a great group of girlfriends that fill your cup every time you hang out.
At the start of the coaching series I felt very stuck and out of ideas on how to make change especially in my career. I thought I could get some tips and tricks from but did not expect to have my whole mindset changed and to get so much out of my goals. – BROOKE
Every day I embody a little more the person I want to be and these are subtle changes, but so important and powerful! – Avy

How coaching works:

  • Kick off with a 45 minute complimentary chat to explore what you’re currently struggling with and how coaching can help
  • 6 hour long coaching calls, spread over 12 weeks to set and achieve your career and life goals
  • Full email support in between coaching calls to keep the conversation going and help navigate any tricky bits that come up
  • Cover letter and CV feedback based on a specific job you’re applying for (if you need it)

Price: $1500 pay in full OR 4 monthly payments of $400

Prices are in New Zealand dollars.

Your next step…

This is the place where coaches write are you ready? But you probably don’t feel ready. You’re probably a mix of excitement, nerves, curiosity and doubt.

Recognising the mix of emotions going on, it makes sense to me to give you a complimentary chat to explore what coaching is further before committing to the full series. So that’s how we start.

Before working with Sara I was wanting a change in my career but feeling indecisive and scared to make such a drastic change that felt risky. I was struggling to take action towards what I wanted. At the end of the series I’m believing in myself. – Bianca
When I saw Sara’s coaching offer I was lacking motivation and direction. Not sure what was next for me. Through working with Sara I learned that I can make what I want happen. – Nikki


I know you’re smart. I know you could probably figure this out for yourself. But it might take you five years to get there.

Working with a coach is a catalyst.

It gives you accountability to keep taking action even when it looks like it’s not working.

It gives you accountability to take action that moves you forward and point out when you try to hide again.

It gives you accountability to put your dreams first and start doing things now instead of putting it off to next week (which never comes).

My absolute sweet spot is women who are feeling lost in their career but have no idea what to shift to re ignite that spark.

I want you to experience a job and a career filled with passion, purpose and impact. And I want that for you TODAY, not in five years time.

Let’s jump on a complimentary call and explore what that would mean for you.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do I need to be looking for a new job to work with you?

Not at all! Plenty of my clients have found opportunities and reinvigorated their careers within their current roles. But if you are job searching, having someone in your corner to navigate the rejection is a godsend!

Will we only talk about my career? I have other things I want to work on.

Our careers are only one aspect of our lives. Although they tend to be a big aspect of the clients I work with, I recognise that our careers need to fit into our whole lives. So it’s important to me to leave space in the coaching series to focus on whatever you need, whether that’s health, relationships (including the one with yourself) or something else entirely.